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Open hours : 10.00 - 20.00 every day

Bicycle rent in Odessa city center
starts from 143 UAH per a day*

New collection 2019
Brands: GT, Pride, Mongoose
Useful accessories : helmet, bicycle lock, light
We are located in the city center. You can find seaside, parks and theaters nearby.
*price for long time rent

Rent prices are:

1 hour
80 UAH
4 hours
200 UAH
1 day
250 UAH
(return bike in the evening before closing)
1 day
300 UAH
2 full days
500 UAH
3-5 full days
200 UAH
per a day
7 days
1200 UAH
14 days
2000 UAH
What do you need to rent a bike?
Also you need to sign simple contract, rent agreement
Any of the options
You need to leave document via lien:
* For foreigners - Passport + 250 UAH or Driver license + 500 UAH.

* For Ukraine citizens -
Ukrainian passport + 2000 UAH;
* For Ukraine citizens - International passport + 250 UAH;

Cash deposit
300$ / 250€ / 7000 UAH
Book a bicycle
Open hours: 10.00 - 20.00 every day
+38 093 130 36 36
Odessa, Rishelievskaya street 41
Frequently Asked Questions
What do you need to rent a bike?
For issuing customers a bicycle or accessories the necessary is a pledge. As a pledge, we accept any of the options:

1. For foreigners - Passport + 250 UAH.
2. For Ukraine citizens - Ukrainian passport + 2000 UAH.
3. For Ukraine citizens - International passport + 250 UAH.
4. Driver's license + 500 UAH.
5. Cash deposit 300$ / 250€ / 7000 UAH

All customers who rent a bicycle (bicycles, with/without useful accessories) - will sign an agreement.

* 250/2000 UAH - it is left as a deposit in case of failure of the bicycle, parts (under conditions of improper use).
** Attention! We reserve the right to refuse to rent a bicycle in the event of: doubts about the authenticity of the documents, persons under the age of 18, persons who are clearly alcoholic or drug intoxicated, etc.

How to extend the lease?
If you want to extend the rental, call us at least 30 minutes before the end of the bike rental (the earlier you inform about the extension, the better) and tell us your order number or contract number. We will announce the possibility of renewal.

If your bike was booked by another customer in advance, and there are no alternative options, we will have to refuse to renew your rent.
How to book a bike rental?
You can book a bicycle through the booking form or by calling the rental number +38 063 130 36 36.

We guarantee booking a rental only if you prepay the cost of the entire rental period.
What are your bikes?
  • Mountain bikes.
  • Fatbikes.
  • Teen bikes.
    The following brands are involved in the rental: GT, Pride, Author, Mongoose.
Do you have children's bikes / baby seat?
Do you have children's bikes?
Yes, we have children's bicycles, but not in large quantities. Their availability must be specified in advance by calling +38 093 130 3636.

Do you have child seats?
Yes, we have child seats, but not in large quantities. Their presence must be specified in advance +38 093 130 3636.
What is the best way to wear a bike ride?
In hot weather, you should not forget about the basic rules in the open air: it can be very hot, even if the sky was overcast in the morning and be prepared for rain.

For any of the weather options, you should have a plan and corresponding equipment prepared.
When the sun begins to burn, you will certainly need a cap, blazer, kerchief or other headgear. This will help protect against the active influence of the sun and avoid sunstroke. For a cyclist it is important to maintain strength throughout the walk, to be in a cheerful state of mind.

It is important to have sunglasses. They will help you avoid unpleasant moments on the road. For example, do not lose control of the bike at the time of blinding by rays of light and disorientation on the road.

The driver must be safe, so a bicycle helmet is also required. You can rent it with a size just for you in our rental locations. This is one of the most important accessories for a cyclist that can save your life. On the roads of the city there are extremely many dangerous moments when only a cyclist can get out of the current situation on the road due to its maneuverability.

Cycling gloves are also important for walking. From long driving in hot weather, hands often sweat, skin rubs, and blisters or corns can occur. Therefore, it is important to protect your hands, wearing gloves beforehand. To get maximum pleasure from driving, you need to drive a bicycle comfortably and with pleasure. Here you can pick up gloves to fit your size.

And remember that physical activity will help to distract from working days and get an excellent charge of positive mood and pleasant tone in the muscles.
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Odessa, Rishelievskaya street 41
Open hours : 10.00 - 20.00 every day
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